Wednesday, 1 August 2012

For Peace Sake....


I BEG Mzalendo Kibunjia and his team to do their work thoroughly; without fear or favor. It is hypocritical, dangerous even, to bury their heads in the sand when politicians like Jakayo Midiwo and Cyrus Jirongo make inappropriate remarks to the public. I acknowledge that there is a thin line when it comes to "freedom of speech" however, I wish to point out to the NCIC that the daily sessions/baraza's held outside City Hall are on the thin line and it is up to you Mr. Kibunjia, not to arrest or prosecute them, but RED CARD them and their utterances... They probably don't know better - maybe because you haven't done enough civic education on what amounts too hate speech or inflammatory remarks... I'm just saying!

I BEG ODM, specifically Ababu Namwamba & Otieno Kajwang' to STOP misleading Kenyans. To STOP suggesting/demanding for a manual system to be used during the next elections. I beg them to STOP raising eyebrows. The camera never lies and I'm sure if the media dug deep into their archives they would find something on ODM speaking harshly against the same system they now advocate for - especially in the last elections. The Manual System has been used in Kenya ever since independence and as far back as 1988, the system has failed us (except in 2002). It especially failed us in 2007/8. The country burned down because elections were not (seen to be) free and fair... That is why we had 97% & 100% voter turnouts. I get that the two mentioned above (plus many others who aren't mentioned here from both sides of the political divide) do not know how badly the violence affected  Wanjiku and in as much as I respect your freedom of speech I am politely requesting that you SHUT THE HELL UP! Let IEBC do their work... ALONE! They MAY need a watchdog but God knows it's not you!

I BEG the IEBC to settle their differences (preferably away from the eye of the media). I beg them to go to great lengths to re-assure Kenyans that the elections WILL (not MIGHT) be FREE & FAIR! Again, preferably not MANUAL! Peace is expensive - and Kenyans get that. So, please... Go to Naivasha like our MPs do when they need to go all bare knuckles on each other - do what you need to do - just make sure you work together for the good (and peace) of this country. As Eugene Wamalwa put it: You must be  like Caesar's Wife: Beyond Reproach!  You have two options: To get it right the first time or get it right the first time!

I BEG Uhuru Kenyatta not to run for president. I know it is your democratic right UK but here is the thing: No Kenyan wants an away president - This is of course assuming you will continue to co-operate with ICC. 

As Gado rightfully put it...... This is what an "away president" would look like:

In the likely event that you have a change of heart and decide not to co-operate (read as refuse to go to Hague), Kenya will go to the dogs... Kenyans will be ripped apart by the dogs UK! We will become a pariah state.. We will sanctioned on just about everything and anything. Our economy will suffer and all the gains your mentor has made will be washed down the drain. YOU will become like Bashir - fortunately for you, your mentor has lobbied African states to support Kenya against the ICC... Lucky for you. Unfortunately, Gadaffi is dead and the United States of Africa dream died with him. Catch-22 eh? Investors will pull out - except China, of course. Development will slow down. It is said, there is no peace without development and no development without peace. No brainer what I'm trying to say. 
So, Mr. UK for the sake of peace, I BEG you not to run for president, withdraw before the court declares you unfit to run - it may just work in your favour... Let the rumours from the political grapevine  be true and support Mudavadi NOW. Then, do us a favour and co-operate with the ICC. Miguna Miguna said There is no absolute defence like the truth... IF you really are innocent you will be just fine. Life is not really as unfair as people think.

I BEG the media to step up their game and give politicians who have nothing constructive, wise, sensible or objective to say a black-out. Believe it or not, Kenyans really do not like listening to or reading about politicians and all their political talk. However, IF you must air their stories, do this country - which by the way, you guys also live in - a favour and give us the facts... You know, the ones which politicians always seem to omit - they suffer from selective amnesia you know... Please don't let that bug (of selective amnesia) bite you guys too! You under estimate the power you have to change the destiny of this country.

Kenya is messed up BUT it is my country and I want PEACE... Not just after the next elections but FOREVER! We cannot afford to fight again...We just cannot. So, for those people who think it's an option... Go to Syria!

For the sake of peace!!!