Tuesday, 15 May 2012

In His Likeness

Growing up, I was always told that man was created in the likeness (image if you please) of God. That hardly made any sense to me back then. My little mind thought that God looked like all of us. A section of his nose looked like mine, the other like Obama's, the other like Oprah... e.t.c. However, that made sense to me on today. As I spent the afternoon with my mom, I had an epiphany that truly, this is what God must be like. I also thought that this would make for a good post. Celebrating momma.

But, I was thinking about this post, I had a different mind not to put it for one simple reason. A friend recently lost his mom, and as I crafted this post mentally, I could not help but think how cruel life can sometimes be... To have the world, well at least 74 countries, celebrating mothers at a time when his mom had just passed away........ *Sigh* It's very sad. I had a good mind not to put this up but I remembered that if there is anything the cruel hand of death has taught me is that wisdom is saying the things that matter, like I love you, to people in your life when they are still alive and so, I intend to give momma a copy of this post. I digress.

I spent the evening with momma watching reruns of our favorite local show - MALI - and gossiping about my siblings i.e. wondering to each other why in heavens name they are not getting married already! Geez! *HINT*HINT*

My mother was created in the likeness of God. My mental view of God is that He is BIG. He is not black or white. He has a BEAUTIFUL  smile and when He laughs, it is a HEARTY laugh; one that fills the world with joy and makes the hearts of angels warm and glad. In my head, He is a really really good FRIEND and He cares deeply about His own. He is SMART - genius smart - and also very very  wise; when He speaks, the words that stem from his mouth and mind-blowing (if you are in doubt His wisdom, read the Bible). To me, God doesn't pry into our lives - when something is wrong, He knows, because He is God and I suppose that He too, like momma, has a strong sixth sense. 

In my head, God is BEAUTIFUL... Yes, Beautiful. He spends a lot of time thinking about His children; wondering WHY they behave the way they do. He has a strict face - a serious face, but one that is gentle and warm. He has a sense of humor and is thrilled by sarcasm. He is KIND and when He gets angry, He takes time to cool off and calm down - become rational. I think He is an encourager (again, if in doubt, read the Bible) and is ever helpful. He is super-duper loving - I mean, nothing in this whole wide world can compare to His love. Its literally overwhelming. He wants nothing but the best for His children and for people He loves.

That is my mental image of God... and today, sitting with momma, I could not help but tear at how much she was created in His likeness... Because she is all that I have described and more. She is my friend, beautiful, smart, wise, kind, sarcastic, funny, strict -with a touch of gentleness..... She is His image, His likeness and I thank God deeply for sending me the best version of Himself. For blessing me with the BEST version of Himself in my life. 

Mrs. J.M. Mathenge: I love you! :-) :-*

P.s. Whereas this realization melted my heart, the fondest memory of today was my grandma calling momma just to wish her a Happy Mother's Day... Sweetest thing ever! I hope momma took notes and will call me when I am old and grey with little brats like myself around. Most importantly, I hope the apple didn't fall far from the tree, because if I become half the women momma and her mom (my grandma) are, then I know I will have been truly blessed by the Almighty and I will be the BEST likeness of God to my children.


P.s. Read Proverbs 31: 10-31

NB: I wrote this on Sunday, but had not internet, hence the delayed posting.