Tuesday, 28 May 2013

In my dreams

I have two memories of you. One is found in a picture (and frankly speaking that doesn't quite count as a memory). The other... Well, it goes something like this. You picked us up from school one day and before we got home you passed by the Shell Petrol Station Shop and asked us to pick anything we wanted, but it had to be one item. I was so overwhelmed with all the "goodies" I could not make a choice. Eventually, I picked a packet of Digestive Biscuits which I never got to eat because I forgot them in your car. I suppose the kids had a field day eating them. I must not have been more than 8 years old - but that is the memory I have carried all these years.

I haven't seen you in forever - slightly over a decade. Soon it will be two decades and then three decades and yet even in your absence you are thought of more and more with each passing day. I often wonder how differently life would have played out if you stuck around. I wonder...

But don't get me wrong, I am not filled with sadness about not seeing you in person; not any more. You have been popping up randomly in my dreams since the beginning of this year. And though some of your appearances have been technical appearances, I am always happy to see you.

Seeing you grips me with fear (and makes me think I am crazy) and excitement in equal measure. The set-up is always the same. In the living room, by the main door. You play peek-a-boo with me and then disappear. But last nights dream was different. You stayed for a chat. You stayed long enough for me to tell my sister "Look, there he is" and her excitement was unbelievable. You stayed long enough for someone else other than I to see you. It was so cool. You were surprised that she is married, that I have finished school and I am now chasing paper and that I have become so tall. *Ahem* That is what happens when people grow up mister, keep up. :-)

You looked different. You were awfully short, nothing like I remember. Heck, you were shorter than my sister and she is the shortest of us all. On the flip-side though, you sounded just like Patrick, had James sense of humor and something about your smile reminded me of Esther.

I was ecstatic that we got to talk this time round, that you know how our lives are. I have very few memories of you alive but I suppose I am creating some with you in my dreams. You are dearly missed... But seeing you, albeit for a spilt second as is sometimes the case, makes me believe in heaven, that you are in heaven and God sent you to pay us a visit, in your living room.

You are missed. 

Rest Peacefully Uncle and see you again.... In my dreams. 

P.s. I wish Becky would get with the programme and make random appearances as you do... I miss her too. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Tale of Breadcrumbs

A story is told of a boy who met a girl...
Their conversations were perfect; he completed her sentences. She completed his sentences
Her laughter was contagious and his smile melted her heart
Telepathy was their new-found super power

Theirs was a fairy-tale love story that blossomed in the woods and like Hansel and Gretel they dropped some breadcrumbs as they moved along so that one day if they felt like they had lost their way and their love had become rational they would take a few steps back along the same path and remember why they had loved so irrationally and how they had acquired telepathy as a super power. The breadcrumbs would lead them home... Back to where it all began

I suppose they mustn't have finished reading Hansel and Gretel for if they had, they would have known that the woods have birds and the birds would eat their breadcrumbs. The birds ate their breadcrumbs as they moved along. The more they dropped, the more the birds had to eat. The birds had eaten most of their breadcrumbs but they believed that they had come so far hand-in-hand to dare get lost if they ever needed to go back. Hadn't their walk been perfect - with each of them taking mental photographs of the most memorable tree? Well, it had been perfect. Save for the occasional rain that poured, the sun would always shine again and dry them up. Their walk in the woods had been perfect. 

It was the perfect love story 
It is the perfect love story of a boy who met a girl and the girl met the boy and the rest is history. 
It is a love story that was lived through in the thick of the woods. 
It is the perfect love story that eventually led them to different forests when they once tried to find their way back home. 
It is the perfect love story of how they now rely on the echoes of the words... 
"I love you"
"I love you too"

Every so often, they shout the words out a little bit louder than before, this time hoping that the echoes will lead them back to each other... 
Lead them back to each others arms. 
Back to the simplicity of a hug, 
Back to the simplicity of his hand in hers, 
To the simplicity of his smile and her smile and 
Most importantly, restore back their telepathic powers because their love brought out the best in them.

Unfortunately, they seem to forget that the louder they shout, the farther away the echoes will sound and the farther away their paths shall be... Soon, the echoes will lead them out of the woods, their love will be out of the woods and so will their fairy tale

*Good-bye my lover, good-bye my friend, you have been the one.. you have been the one for me*

Hopefully, their journey out of the woods will lead them to a t-junction...

And on that day, all they will need to do is whisper

"I love you"
"I love you too"

Because sometimes a whisper is far more clearer than a shout.


"I love thee... always"